Copywriting is Your Business Pitch to Customers

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Throughout the lifespan of a business or your career as a business person, you’ll need to talk to people about your product.

A quote I read recently hit me. The writer said, “your first investor is your customer”.

When we think about people to convince about raising funds, we think of writing business plans, elevator pitches etc and most of us spend huge sums to get into competitions, and apply for grants or funds.

Do you spend the same amount of time writing to your customers? Whether using your social channels, your website, your emails, and blogs. Glossing over these types of communication is more likely to kill your idea before “lack of funding”.

While you were busy trying to convince 1 or 2 people to fund you, there are hundreds and thousands of people who should be listening to you. So, write better content.

If you are struggling to communicate in a way that attracts businesses, you can follow these rules I like to talk about:

1. Simple clarity: use keywords or trigger words. Be as concise as possible and make sure you say what your customer needs to hear.

2. Measure results: use platforms that provide you with some data analytics so you can know how your content is affecting people. Choose the best ones and replicate such content. Demonstrate your solution’s results whenever you can.

3. Timing: always aim to speak to people through varying channels. Sales happen when marketing coincides with customer needs. Increase your chances of coinciding with customer needs.

Having a content strategy can help you clarify your brand message, your audience and the tone you want to use in all your content.

When you speak to people the way they want to be spoken to about the problems that concern them, you’ll definitely get more business done and your customers will fund your operation.

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