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Birthing, Ideas, Creating the World From Dreams

by | May 27, 2022 | Book Reviews, Editor's Muse, Inspire | 0 comments

It’s my birthday today and another opportunity to celebrate birth. In the past three decades and a year, I have had the opportunity to speak with and work with people who’ve shared their dreams unreservedly.

Some shared with me as clients, others as friends, and others as a mix of both. Whether they did it for love, money, or fame, they all wanted to see something change about the world they live in. For those who have succeeded, their dreams come with rewards. Yet, for a lot more who still are on a search, I have written words that will ignite, restore, inspire, or guide you.

There’s room for more and I hope that you make space for it all.

For those who believe that our world was formed by words, you’ll understand that nurturing the right ideas and dreams gives us the power to choose those words carefully. I have written many words in the past few years and I have been proud to use the force of my mind and words for good. It has brought me immense pleasure to build businesses and sometimes to merely make someone happy by reading my stories.

It’s my birthday, I am grateful for friendships, for family, for love, for marrying my best friend, and for creating the room for others to shine through my light. To celebrate my birthday, I have written three (3) books and I hope that you are one of those amazing folks that will get to read them.

  1. Build Your Brand – An encyclopedia of brand growth tools, ideas, and strategy. It includes exercises for developing your brand that would position you and increase your selling capacity. Find it here.
  2. Eje: For Blood & Country – A collection of 11 stories that touch on my life, experiences, and questions about faith, ideologies, and lifestyle. (This book is rated 18+, please censor it for the sake of children). Find it here.
  3. Create Work That Matters – An extensive curation of freelance projects and writing projects that serves as a template for developing services and products. Wondering what skill, product, or service would sell? Read this here.

Got questions about any of these books? Send me a WhatsApp message at +27812093165. I’d really appreciate it if you shared this post with your friends, family and network. Check this post for the share buttons. If you leave me a birthday comment here or on my social platforms, I would be glad to connect with you also. Thank you!


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