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5 Simple Ways Writers Can Help Their Friends Achieve their Dreams

by | May 6, 2018 | Editor's Muse, Freelance, Inspire, Self Development | 0 comments

It’s almost an unavoidable response that writing gives you visibility. As a writer, people would share their dreams with you expecting support. They believe you are smart, rich or that you have the audience for some of their needs.

This past week I have received a lot of messages requesting for my help. Some author, architect, prospective postgrad student, writer, business owner, photography student wants me to support his dream. I really want to help but I feel limited. Do you also reach that point where it seems everyone around you is looking for help?

You could share this with your friends. Help them understand what they can expect from you and how they can make your work easy as you try to help.

A Cleaner’s Story

Let me tell you about the new cleaner in my residence. She probably has bigger dreams than being a cleaner. Despite being broke myself I gave this woman R100 because she impressed me so much.

I thought of asking other housemates to contribute but then realized maybe I should just do what I felt convinced to do and allow others be.

The previous cleaner before her had once asked me for this same R100 and I didn’t oblige her. Not to compare them but the previous one came to work late a lot, sometimes she would not clean the toilets & baths on my side of the house. I didn’t complain and was hoping I would get rich to give her something. I guess she got sacked before I could.

This new cleaner would come early, she would do all her work and even wash dishes people left from the night before. This is not part of her job. She continued doing this and I just felt she deserved a tip so I took out of the balance I had and gave her that tip.

The lesson is this. You may have a thousand needs. You may be broke and hungry but don’t abandon diligence and service for a beggarly lifestyle.

Do your job like it’s all that matters to you in this world. Those who will appreciate and support you will come. They won’t hesitate to support you.

5 ways you can help your friends achieve their dreams today

  1. Financial support: This may sound obvious but a lot of us don’t know that little donations count. You don’t have to give your friends all they need. However, you can make an effort.
  2. Write: Help them understand the importance of writing about their needs. A clear concise statement of need goes a long way in canvassing support. A lot of the times when I need to achieve a goal, I start by writing my story and creating proposals or pitches from it. Help them find a good writer for their appeal or gofundme pages. Some of your friends may never understand the importance of good writing habits but you have a chance to show them.
  3. Landing Pages: Create a free wordpress blog and social pages that contain the full story and specific call to actions. Ensure that people can be referred to a simple landing page for all the information they need to support you.
  4. Social Networks: Help your friends to connect with supporters who can devote time and energy to sharing their story. You will need a lot of people to hear you out and just one connection may be all you need.
  5. Be Vocal: It’s always tempting to leave the talking to other people because you think no one listens to you. The truth is, no one can tell your story better than you. If you are not vocal about it, the enthusiasm wanes.


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