Promise Excel Lives on: A Tribute to His Phenomenal Life

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For a few days, I have been unable to write anything original. I got the news that Promise Excel died after some health struggles. I have turned to my work since then for some kind of comfort. I am convinced more than ever that I have to find more time for my own stories to be told. Helping others realize their dreams through blogging, ghostwriting, editing and digital publishing might be good. However, all that is left after we leave here would be our own words and the life we lived.

I still wake up everyday reminded that Promise is gone. Our last significant exchange was a call in 2018. I had this feeling that Promise was going through a lot to push through his dreams. So we agreed to have a call. He told me how he wanted to change the direction of his business. It was a great time having that call with him.

I will never forget those moments I’d visit his web page just to see what Promise was up to. After completing his book, Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten, He asked me to read and write a blurb. I have decided to share what I wrote in this blog post.

We always continued to have these exchanges on each other’s Facebook feeds where we talk about our blogging experience. It felt like we were doing it because we needed to leave some footprint. He was passionate about changing his story so he could help others change theirs. His book chronicles his struggles through precarious life situations, to find his purpose as a writer and blogger.

Seeing that his website was hijacked by hackers, is something I find too painful. This is the time where everything he has ever put out there needs to be protected. I hope his family finds a way to preserve his memories and words.

I have decided to share the blurb I wrote about Promise Excel’s book “Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten”.

The Book Blurb

Promise Excel’s “Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten” is elaborate but straight to the point. His voice in this book tells you of a person who has intentionally positioned himself for enormous greatness. In between juggling a lot of work, yet I could easily fit this read into my leisure. 

I even learned about power words. I have been sharing content for a number of years now and a lot of things he shared resonates well with me. Power words was a new one, sounds more like what we would call niche-words, keywords in some cases. You would learn a lot of emotional and interpersonal skills in a short space of time.

He exudes a thirst for originality and class and his storytelling is just unique.

Promise has in one fell swoop handled a lot on business strategy, content marketing, delivery and even networking. I am sure a lot of those within leadership circles would find his thoughts quite refreshing. He shows that indeed life could be full of challenges but we make of it what we choose. 

As one who lost a major support system, battled failure and ridicule, he shows the tenacity and grace of a leader. I believe this book will be a great tool for anyone who seeks to find direction and unearth that phenomenal side of themselves.

Truly it’s a bargain between being phenomenal or embracing oblivion.

Farewell Promise Excel

Is it fair that Promise died so young? I think not. He was just 25 years old. At that age, I had all my dreams stacked up. I had plans I wanted so badly to execute. I was restricted by circumstances but was making every effort to change those circumstances. Promise had nature even playing against him. As bright as his star was, so was the darkness of his night. We are consoled by his life and the sincerity with which he lived it. This is why I am able to say my farewell to a brother and a friend. Our love for building others brought us together. Promise has stayed his course and made the world feel the weight of his absence. However, we bid Promise farewell with lighter hearts. We hope to meet again when our own inkwells dry out and the candle of our lives flame out, ashes to ashes.


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