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Is The Freelancer, Remote Work, or Gig Economy Sustainable?

by | Aug 12, 2022 | Business, Freelance, Self Development | 0 comments

Someone asked if the gig economy will remain sustainable and this is my answer.

The world’s increasingly uncertain economy will ensure that a lot more of us need work to be flexible, mobile, and divisible into small tasks.

Think of COVID, think of looming war or civil crisis. Companies have to reduce the risk that they will lose a lot of their data and infrastructure when they are tied to rigid physical and business structures. The future of work is one where everyone can participate at varying stages of production.

Whether as funders, labour, or enterprising skill, we have to think of business in ways that can deconstruct the old rigid structures that are vulnerable to rapid and volatile change.
The growth of the global access to places and people has also made it possible to do more business quickly. We will find new and better ways to even scale this so that access to new markets becomes cheaper and easier. The gig economy is here to stay for as long as businesses want to be resilient against change.

No matter the skill you need or task you need completed, there’s someone out there willing to make your need realized.
Many businesses that launch across the globe look to Africa, for example, for some of their creative media, content, copy, and web design. I am speaking from experience working with these businesses.

They understand that there’s quite a lot of competition and you can bid for the best quality work at the optimal cost to your business while focusing on other aspects of your business that require onsite work.

I believe the gig economy is self-sustaining. In a year, a successful copywriter would have done close between 300–1000 projects with several businesses across the globe. Yet, there will still be several other businesses that are not yet served.

Are you considering getting into the gig economy with your skill? Here are 2 resources for you:

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