5 Places to Visit This Summer

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You may have been experiencing some wanderlust quite recently. You are not alone! Summer is just the perfect time to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. We all have those days when you just feel like grabbing cheap flights from Lagos to London or anywhere at all. The world is so big and Summer is so short.

The biting cold winter may not be ideal for travel, except your idea of vacation is indoors all day long. Winter reminds us how beautiful Summer could be. A lot of travellers have started picking travel destinations right from May. July is a bit late but what now? You can still treat yourself to a nice warm summer vacation if you start right now.

There are a few awesome Summer spots you definitely want to mark down. Top among the perks of these locations are the cheap flights and ridiculously amazing summer sale for your vacation shopping.

Here are 5 top of the list places you need to visit this Summer:

Johannesburg, South Africa

A Safari themed Summer is more than an absolute delight. All around Joburg City, the possibilities of running into big game is not far fetched. The Mongena Game lodge is just about an hour’s drive from Joburg. The open vehicle game drives run to times everyday and this could be your chance to see the the big five.Mongena Game lodge. You could prefer the allure of Sun City just few minutes drive outside Johannesburg. You’ll not notice Summer roll by.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This city boasts of highly exquisite architechture. Flights from Lagos to Dubai are expected to be top sellers ahead of Summer. The 830m-tall tower, Burj Khalifa, should stand out in the sea of skyscrapers capturing your view at every turn. Maybe then a visit to Dubai Fountain, with jets and music choreographed lights would offer you a whole ne experience. There’s just too much fun and excitement to look out for. If nothing else, the artificial islands filled with water and marine-animal parks should give the much needed sight seeing.

Monterey, California

Listed by the L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Toronto Star and USA Today, one of the Top 20 Travel Destination site. A lot can be read on travel sites about the generous view of the coast, lively culture and activities like cycling or kayaking keep you pumped with healthy adrenaline levels. There’s a lot of adventure to catch up on. You could window shop, the popular Cannery Row would be a great shopping experience. Definitely, you should look out for the whales!!

Greenport, New York City

Known for enchanting vineyards, farmland, rocky beaches and historic towns. Greenport offers you enough adventure for the whole of Summer. The cuisine includes an abundance of seafood delicacies served at places like the Claudio’s and Crabby Jerry’s. Alternatively you could have a foodie session at spots like Noah’s and American Beech. If you love to be in the water, a Ferry ride on the Shelter Island does the magic. This could be another cycling experience, if you know how to handle a rental bike. Touring the island on a bike or taking a stroll is sure to give you much needed air and adventure.

Wales, United Kingdom

An enthralling summer awaits you in the UK. Find a bit of meandering countryside and Scotland’s highlands; and finally end with Wales. Why? You get some history, culture, epic coastal adventures, and a firsthand experience of the local language. There’s so much country to see apparently, little wonder visitors choose long slow walks to unwind through the summer. Asides the ancient castles another sight would be the mindblowing music festivals and masquerade balls. Some ideas to find and explore include coasteering at Pembrokshire or a climb to the sea cliffs at Rhoscolyn. The beautiful scenery across the Wales Coast Path is an experience to live for.

You’d also agree that Summer could not be anymore exciting than this. You are probably also scouring the bookings for cheap flights from Lagos to New York. We all know summer for what it brings. Fun, adventure and shopping. It doesn’t need to be the long boring holiday you dread so much. Fortunately travel no longer has to be a luxury that we can’t afford to do once a year. If you’re still asking, it’s worth the savings. Make summer rock!



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