3 Top Strategies that Sell Content Writing Gigs on Fiverr.

Hey there, so I have been doing a lot of freelance writing on Fiverr and content creation for a bit now. I know a lot of professional writers struggle with getting income from freelancing. I personally struggled to get an approved account on UPwork.

However, I don’t see freelance platforms as the only ways to get revenue from your skills. If you have some time and patience, you can make some residue funds from it and they come in handy.

So let’s say you have opened a Fiverr, or Freelancer account, how do you sell your content writing skills?

I will share with you my guide on how Fiverr works. Your profit or revenue is totally dependent on how much time you have on your hands and a lot of patience.

Strategies to Sell on Fiverr

Strategy 1: How to Sell Content Writing Gigs on a Fiverr Account:

  1. Be patient – Fiverr is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to open an account. It’s as easy as opening any online platform account.
  2. Create Gigs – Have good titles, give details and price right.
  3. Pitch – Check for buyer requests and pitch to several using the relevant gig.
  4. Negotiate – Don’t try to oversell yourself. Listen to the buyer and allow them decide.
  5. Portfolio – Have a portfolio site, or screenshots of some of your best work. Don’t post all.

Strategy 2: What To Avoid While Trying to Sell more Content Writing Gigs?

• Don’t expect to win every gig.

• Vague offerings. Be specific and use keywords in describing your gigs.

• Samples. A serious client will pay for samples or test work rather than asking you to just send samples after you have shown your portfolio.

• Mass pitches. Don’t just copy and paste pitches. Customize them to the buyer request.

• Don’t rely totally on Fiverr for income. At best, Fiverr is a residual income stream.

It’s important to note that you might need a Paypal account for receiving Fiverr funds. This might be tough for Nigerian content creators. There are a lot of workarounds online but I don’t recommend any of them.

Here’s a Fiverr To-Do List I have drawn out for you.

Strategy 3: The Fiverr Freelance Starter-Pack:

  1. Get a decent Profile Picture.
  2. Create a Profile in few clicks.
  3. Prepare your Gigs. Describe them in detail using keywords in your titles and description.
  4. Collect and showcase your portfolio.
  5. Up-sell your gigs. Learn how to introduce your other services to your clients.
  6. Use the Fiverr mobile app. Response rate is a major determinant of how many gigs you’d sell.
  7. Create gigs worth more than $5.
  8. Make sure you are ready to deliver quality and deliver fast.
  9. Ask for Reviews. Don’t push for a positive feedback.
  10. Deliver each job like it would be your last.

With Fiverr, I don’t encourage excessive job rush or expectations. If you have the amount of gigs that keep you reasonably engaged, then stick to delivering on quality rather than quantity. There are those who outsource work and use VPN or refuse to build organically on freelance platforms. These might give you a lot of work. If you can manage it successfully then I will not dissuade you. In the end, this is balanced out by the risk of getting banned and losing all that profit. I have not had such experiences and I use my Fiverr account as a source of residual income. What you achieve on Fiverr is totally up to you.

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