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Your Brand Can Go Viral with Content that’s Relevant, Well-Researched, and Curious

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Brand, Business, Marketing | 0 comments

If you are struggling to create content for your brand, you might learn from these ideas I think might add to your chances of going viral! Your content needs to be relevant, well-researched and curious but you don’t know how to do this, right?

A Tiktok influencer shares a cryptic video with random sightings of these glasses tattooed on people’s arms and bodies.

The tattoos are different fun characters like a duck wearing the glasses. Another has some Morse code around it.

The video goes viral! More than 500k likes, almost 5000 comments, almost 30k saves and shares. It looks like some kind of cult, or some weird secret signal.

After many investigations, it becomes clear that the tiktoker was only promoting her NFT project called nouns. These glasses called the “noogles” is just one part of a bigger story. The nouns NFT project funds ideas that NFT holders can vote on. They have a global community — Mexico, U.S., Venezuela, Nigeria, Australia, Korea and more.

Using the cryptic glasses was a hit in my opinion. The marketing has grown and TikTok videos are easy to plan if you can had a bit of mystique. They are worth more than 12M d$llars currently and I’m sure many people are still yet to hear of these kinds of projects happening silently. Money dey!

I’m sharing this because of how much work needs to go into marketing an idea or business. Content alone can require hundreds of iterations before you find a cool story approach that will catch fire.

There’s no one single way to approach a writing project. The goal is to get the message out in a way that people cannot ignore.

Who’s the buyer?

This is probably one of the most important questions to answer. The audience may be location-specific, or not. From the nature of the business and what they sell, you can start to define how the marketing content should sound and look.

I sometimes use Amazon product reviews to scout for pain-points. There’s almost no product you sell that doesn’t have forums where people talk about why a similar product helped them.

Google searches can help you with popular search terms. When you search for your business idea, what content pieces come up in the first page of google?

Recently, I used AI to conceptualize an ebook I was ghostwriting. Asking it for summaries of relevant books in the niche gave me a wealth of information to build ideas from.

Or try these content research hacks

Other ways to make sure you care making content that sparks conversation are:

  • Use social media feeds in specific regions or industries.
  • Read blogs and their comment sections.
  • Check influencers in that niche and their posts for ideas.

Always making people feel like they are interacting with familiar thoughts is the goal. You can also add some elements of controversy to stir conversation. I believe that ideas that are rabble rousers tend to thrive more because content easily goes out of hands. So, if you can use every tool possible to find communities and people who have a problem, you can write powerful content that resonates deeply with them in a way that they cannot resist talking about!

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