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If you have been on my blog for a while, you’d know I love to learn and teach. Being an avid teacher and learner have helped me build my own content writing business. Most importantly I have the freedom to live my dreams; travel and enjoy life without unhealthy pressure.

Brenda wants to sell Lady Thongs but her family won’t have any of it.

James has been told that he has to come back home and pick a wife. Even if it means he has to borrow to do the marriage rites.

These are stories of real Africans and young people around you. Trapped by the endless cycle of negative pressure.

Many young entrepreneurs are shackled by fear of family, society and uncertainty of the future. Community is no longer defined by support and strength.

#YABO is about Africans who are no longer comfortable to be puns in the hands of family and society.

Independence will not come on a platter of gold. Africa must rise and it will. One young person at a time. It’s only through capacity building that this will be achieved.

We are super excited to present you #YABO2019. It’s super affordable to join.

1000 per month – just N12,000 for a whole year!

*DISCOUNT: 50% discount for old participants.(N5,500)

for 12 months of training, support and capacity building.


1. 8+ Books, Toolkit and resources for Success in small, medium scale and freelance ventures. worth (N10,000)
2. Transcripts of previous trainings. (N1,000)
3. Audio training on thematic capacity development issues (N5,000).
4. Online mentoring, and counselling for ideation, cashflow, career development and business.

Registrations are on NOW!

Payment can be made online via card or bank transfer.

Find out how –


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