SHAME: You will never again be ashamed to ask for help.

We think scholarships are better. I call scholarship holders “corporate beggars.” We are the real beggars. Those of us who contact organizations via applications or otherwise and convince them to finance our life goals

Zainab Haruna’s Midas Touch and the Soup N Stew Empire

There’s this myth in Nigeria and parts of Africa that some women have the Midas Touch. The myth propounds that even if a poverty stricken man can only just marry a woman, his fate would be reversed

Trevor Noah: The best 5-minutes elevator conversation I had with the man.

“Donald Trump has made everyone interested in everything, everywhere. He’s a worldwide phenomenon. And with everything that’s going on — the Muslim ban, threats to women’s rights, the environment

9 Rules to follow when you are underpaid and overworked!

Most people pay for sex what they will never pay for real hard work. It’s not news that a lot of young people are underpaid and overworked. I don’t know if this applies outside Nigeria but you would see a lot…

Starvation: How to be a Freelance Writer and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Freelance writing could be a beautiful experience, and not depressive. A lot of people experiencing depression at less than age 30 are probably hungry and working hard to rise. Give an average person the assurance of 3-square meals, and they’d…

Why Should Anyone Blog At all? Here are 5 Top Reasons to Blog

Happy new week guys. I did a blog post last week which had a lot of feedback but I could only engage a few. We explored the reason why being broke could actually make you a better blogger. I couldn’t…

Executive Communication in the 21st century workplace – Ayodara Falade

We live in a world that is progressively increasing in speed and the surge of technological advancement has increasingly created distance among the humans who utilize it.  Despite the innovation and productivity that technology provides, we must continue to find…