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Writing: What would your choice of Priority Be? Survey result.

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Generic | 0 comments

Below are the questions I sent to some friends and I would also post some of the replies I have gotten in series.

Please answer this survey question:
Which is the most Important?
1. Knowing if truly the world will end someday.
2. Finding Love that never ends in divorce.
3. Getting to be U.S President for an hour.
4. Oscar Award!!
5. Knowing what happens to all the dead loved ones.
6. None
7. Not sure
Multiple selections can be made and please tell me why you chose that one pls

The following conversation was my first reply:
Hmmm,=D why
He go make sense to just know d time hour and exact circumstances
Revelations (was in parts right?)
I don’t get
If its allowed that’s what I want, Revelations tells us the world will end and how d world will end
Hmmm, and its right in part? Daveola®:
No am not saying its right in part am saying what john saw was in parts (“we see in parts …) Was it paul that said that or so
Yeap, Am even start to c dat in greater degrees
Its about time,we all see the Bible as it is. Truthful account of events that surround salvation plan. For example, even though God reprimanded Job’s friends for the things they said,God even said they didn’t speak well bout him as Job, yet their words are still quoted
That’s still one of the most confusing concepts about Christianity & d Bible
Yea but now I see the Bible as it is. Its not fairy tale. Its a true account of witnesses that does not delete their flaws and mistakes
But flaws were deleted jonathan
Nope,they were not
If its that one go read the origin of the bible wella
David was not sugar-coated,I know,the books may have been edited
Some books were left out not because they were true or because they had nno place but because they would contradict what was to be passed across
I mean the character of the witnesses. Peter was flogged a lot by Jesus and even Paul
Well, what is the essence of an account, if you have to keep boring us with contradicting facts. You would agree with me that the essence of investigation is to sift out correlating accounts and not contradictions. So let’s just see the compilers as investigators
Some books were outright fakes and were left out ffor that
Exactly what I mean, I am assured its not like angels came down with the books as some people say but also, the accounts were validly just, even in the human court which requires more than 2 witnesses or alibis to make a correlation, And even in the court of the Bible, Its two or 3 witnesses required for accounts to be accepted

Respondent 2:
Me: Hmmm,nice pick,why? if I may ask
Respondent 2:
No you may not 🙂

Respondent 3:
The world wil definitely end one day,We knw dt frm the bible. Well,mayb I’l be interested in question 5.

Respondent 4:
Option 2 is most preferable to me. Agape luv is so strong to influence nd turn around anything. Mrng

Respondent 5:
2 and 1 is ok in that order…..

Thanks to all who took out time to write I hope to see how well people’s opinion could be a tool to building others.

Try to imagine the extraordinary achievements you could have in a day or the extreme evils that you could think of, most times its easy to do that but I have this uneasy feeling trying to imagine the ordinary things that my day could contain. Yet its easier to achieve the ordinary things whilst its harder to achieve the extraordinary that we imagine so easily.

Most importantly, all the options are very important and in most cases, priority is dictated by the depth of a person. An oscar Award seems to be great but what good will it be when our tears run unabated for lost loved ones or when a once boundless love from a wife to her husband becomes history and life in marriage becomes a nightmare.

Be challenged, aim higher!!


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