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I recently wrote a story about a woman and her lover, a story of vengeance and regret. Shortly after that, I got an invitation to write it into a movie script, This could be frightening, I sometimes feel inadequate because of the expectations people place on me. You may be familiar with that feeling. Maybe your colleagues at work always push the writing job to you or everyone thinks you should compose the birthday messages. This is why writing needs to flow consistently from your heart. It should be linked to your goals, aspirations, business ideas and it is the communication skill you need for digital commerce.

The “Write Heart” will take you through stories, it would help you figure out where your passion for writing comes from. I wrote this collection straight from my heart and It is filled with a lot of life lessons. It’s not an ebook for grammar and syntax, there are already too many people teaching those. This compilation will take you through a journey of self-discovery and help you become a consistent writer.

You will understand why you always have that desire to write stories, and why you always want to compel people towards growth. It will be a remaking of your person.

A lot of people have asked for writing lessons and sometimes members of my writing community keep asking me to host a training. I have not been able to do this because I was recently admitted to a course in real estate at the University of Pretoria (South Africa). Even though I lost my Visa Application, I continued to write. I could not resist the desire to share my stories, they were helping others around me. This has pushed me to this decision point, I know a lot of my friends would benefit from being able to effectively build an audience for their stories, business ideas and products.

I had a terrible night just before I wrote the story that earned me a movie invite, the cheap hotel I slept in was filled with mosquitoes but I had paid. When I woke up very early and could not sleep, I stepped out and wrote the story on the road. Almost every time I took a life changing decision, I was in a very uncomfortable stage in my life. I chose my dreams at every step, nothing was going to make me shut down and look away from being the voice I have always wanted to be.

My stories have been published on tuckmagazine.com, storried.com, uniosunconnect.com. You can read my articles on viva-naija.com, designed.life and other websites. If there is anything that qualifies me to teach you, it is the fact that I have consistently followed this path for long enough. I know how sloppy writing looks like every time I go back to my diaries.  Definitely, I could have done a lot better if I had tools to guide me.

I would like to invite you to take action and commit to your dreams, my over 10 years experience in content creation, writing and blogging did not just jump on me. You need to understand that content is what pushes ideas into reality, people write and brands sell. Social Media and content have become the keys to connecting people all over the world and a lot of people are finding it hard to fit into this structure. You can fit into this growing economy, whether for the fun or for the money.

Some assumptions I would like to make about you right now are so many but let me list some of them:

  1. You are probably a rookie writer and want to know how to put your words together.
  2. Maybe you want to own a personal blog, but you are too scared of the unknown.
  3. It could also be that you want some extra cash and you have downloaded so many “get rich quick” writing kits.
  4. Or you want to complete a novel.
  5. You want to build a good writing habit and write outstanding stories.
  6. Probably you are an influencer who needs to know what makes writing appeal to audiences.

Then I may have offers for you.

This offers will not turn you into a cash machine, it’s for those who are willing to commit time and resources towards their ideas. The offer will not be open indefinitely because I usually cannot take too many students at once. If you cannot join the class, you can just get the “Write Heart” and work through it, it is as explanatory as a story book.

What the training would help you achieve includes:

  1. Learning effective content creation; Frequently asked questions.
  2. Discovering the writer in you.
  3. Understanding content development and Blogging.
  4. Knowing how to connect with an audience.
  5. Building your brand storytelling skills.
  6. Writing effective copy that converts to sales.
  7. Understanding why writing is so important to you.
  8. Finding out how you can motivate people to buy into your ideas through writing.

This is for you

Write Heart Course

The Ebook includes personal stories, the answers given are specific. It is also a journal of my experiences while building a writing community, pages, and groups. I have worked with more than five major writing projects for brands in the past six months, I can assure you that opportunities abound. let me be your pilot through the process of building a story, a blog, a website or your career as a freelance writer. This course would last for 7 days with Ebooks, audio lessons, illustrations and training projects. Purchase options

  1. Buy the Book at 1000 Naira (2000 Naira  till 27th May 2017)
  2. Pay for the Writing Class 5000 Naira, this includes access to training resources (10,000 till 27th May 2017) 

THE CLASS HOLDS ONLINE, links to the group would be provided after the Launch. PREORDER your Ebook and training NOW.

The official launch of this Ebook would be on the 27th of May 2017, which is my birthday. You can place preorders at the prices stated above after the 27th prices would revert to the actual value.

This training is offered by a certified HubSpot content developer. The certificates will be awarded by CF Media & Brand Pr Services, a business duly registered in Nigeria (BN 2497923).

Payments can be made by bank transfer to Oladeji Jonathan Damilola 0168796163 GT BANK


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