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Question Mark in life

Question Mark in life

I have asked myself this question subconsciously over a zillion times. “What’s left to know”….what is it that I am missing in the big picture of small life. However, it will be folly for me to give a simple answer because that would make life so simple and thus inconsequential. Of what point would be existence if we all had one simple answer to life. We all must answer life but on different terms that’s for sure, therefore the right thing would be to discover exactly what it is that I want to know.

― Lewis Carroll
“The things most people want to know about are usually none of their business.”

Now I find the saying above true, cause it has become so common to find ourselves in a fix as human beings. We really do not know what particular business we have doing down here.
I will try as much as I can to describe the questions I believe would help in finding out your business!

1. Who am I? And please be as raw on yourself as possible, think about the nastiest and prettiest things you have done and write them down.

2. Who do people think I am? People’s opinion may not be too reliable but you will need some of it!!

3. What is everybody’s business around me? What do you think other people close to you are here for?
Jason Nazar on Forbes made some inputs to the thoughts I will make here. Nazar said in his work, You’re always going to get the same results, doing what everyone else does.  Sometimes you have to know when to zig where others zag. So I say find what everyone is not doing, and ask again whose business is this?

4. Check again with your strength and weakness meters!! What is my strong and weak quality?

5. Do they (as in q4 above) serve in this business line?
Where everyone seems not to be fitting into or interested in?

6. Why have I not seen this before? Its essential that self-fulfillment be measured against previous failure.

And finally don’t just sit around, talk about your business, act on it and never look back Nazar said “Peacock – don’t give others the option not to see you or hear your message. Nobody buys a product they’ve never seen.”.

I hope this free article helps someone out there find out what it is exactly they need to know about themselves, to live a fulfilled life.


Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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