How to Write a Simple, Interesting and Effective Funding Appeal

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You have probably switched your phone and laptops on today, logged on to the internet then scrolled past a lot of funding appeals. Because they are too boring to read.

There is just too much interesting stuff online. Why would you stop to read sad stories about people who need your help? Actually, you should, but can the writer help you by making this more engaging and less depressing?

Can your emails effuse more strength? can you convince your reader right after they open their email box?

Just in case you have written a long boring funding appeal, think again. You may have shared this on GoFundMe or Your Blog or even your social pages. How is it going so far? Are you getting readers and the desired result? If you would probably scroll past your own boring charity appeal, you may need to rewrite it right now.

Imagine that you saw a comedy show just a few minutes before and you are still laughing it off, would you sit around reading through long essays that would probably make you sad?
Or would you just skip them and shove them off till later? I’m pretty sure what your answer will be.

How Do You Make Your Funding Appeal Simple, Interesting and Effective?

You really don’t have to write such a long boring story when you could have just caught your reader’s attention in a few catchy phrases?
Try this approach, it works:
– Simple.

– Articulate stories.

– Personalized with CTA.

I call this the Simple, Articulate, Personalized Approach (SAP).

Tell a simple story addressed by a real person to a real person. Your reader needs to feel like he is in a conversation with some real person not just someone looking for a quick buck.

Ensure that the story is well articulated to capture the problems you want to solve. A great “Email Title” and some sense of urgency could make a perfect impression.

Personalize the experience of the writer and appeal to a common interest with your reader. For example, talk about how not having a good education has limited your opportunities, maybe even affected your family or health.

The Call To Action (CTA) states clearly what you need, how much it would cost to achieve your goals and what you need the reader to do. Be clear about this, don’t ask for the whole world.

If you can achieve the above in a few lines, why make it lengthy? This also applies to your social posts. You are probably sharing your funding appeal on social media, make it SAP. Although a lot of people are inclined to charity, writing the charity or fund appeal note needs to be simple, articulate and personalized. You can also work with templates, this would guide you. Using templates requires good rewriting skills and the SAP approach applies as well.

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