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Achebe, Tonight I hope the stars of Anambra shine with hope.

“The burial of Chinua Achebe, a literary giant
on May 23, drew the entire world to Ogidi, a
sleepy town in Anambra State | By Vincent
Nzemeke.” “Realnews, a general interest

Albert Chinualumogu Achebe 16 November 1930
Ogidi, Nigeria Protectorate

The life and death of a Prodigy from a state where nothing works. I have a privilege to be a Nigerian National Youth Corps Member in Awka Anambra State. I only wonder why the only things that thrive here are the buildings, bars and Civil service.

Yet there is a silent crop of literary “cult”. This people are amazing in their quiet dedication to literature. I also have the opportunity of meeting a notable writer’s widow. Ohaeto Ezenwa has followed the works of Achebe so closely from my visit to the resource center.

Is it possible that Nigeria is yet to know the character of differing ethnicity hence unable to motivate the right employ for each in a novel system of rule?

This breed of people seem not to have anything, the works are dominated by women but they write. While I hope there is something unique to each state in Nigeria. I hope a new system of rule will be formulated on the pretext that we need to live together only in a system where we all properly fit.


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