Work Culture: Reports Versus Morning Prayers

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My name is Bayo. There is this business I started out three years ago, I hired two beautiful ladies and maybe that was a mistake but let’s just say it has happened, now I need help.  Titi is really hardworking, we somehow compromised office relationship and started having weekend romps after work but she never for once missed out or failed to deliver to expectation.  Sometimes our amorous relationship makes me a bit lenient when checking her work but she always beats my expectations. Every new week, Titi would have a well written report ready on my table with projections for the new week.

She would outline the Plans, Problems and Progress. I once asked her how she got so good at building the right project reports and she told me about some of the self development courses she had been taking every weekend. This endeared me to Titi even more and I could always be sure about making sales because she also had a marketing strategy drawn and could easily profile prospective clients and pursue them till a deal was closed.

On the other hand, Ruth is typically the averagely performing staff who seems to have little ambition. She gets by alright and executes the tasks given to her but beyond this,  her enthusiasm is just as high speed as a crawling snail. On Mondays, she hosts this intensive prayer sessions at the office. I walk in by 9a.m, and Ruth is speaking in tongues, most times I simply walk off to desk and sit down to build the new week’s projections and goals on the reports Titi must have submitted.

This second quarter of the year ended a bit low on profits and I can only afford to keep one of my staff. As much as I think Titi is the obvious choice, I don’t know if my judgement is not shrouded by the dirty games she plays in my room on Saturday nights. Ruth also seems to believe that the success we have recorded this year are a result of the morning prayers, she even talks about how God has instructed her to hold weekend vigils at the office and that we all need to agree with her in prayer.

Someone needs to be cut loose, we may rehire in the fourth quarter but right now I can only see this business blazing through third quarter if we can minimize HR cost and maximize productivity. My business is still a small venture and I don’t want to run into insolvency.

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