Wimpy teacher in NYSC camp

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National Youth Service Scheme (Orientation camp) Umunya is dusty, and hot. The type of sleep we have here is sweat-sleep, you wake up in a pool of body fluid. It has been about 2weeks now, I have been keeping daily journal of events:

  • The utility shack experience ( pit latrine and open air baths)
  • The roaring soldiers and biggle commands in regimented environment.
  • The prison yard meals.
  • Never ending queues.
  • The new friends.
  • The parade ground and fire alarm.. we have had 2 so far…this is the time we all suffer for the sin of one person.
  • The competitions and conquests.
  • Being the chosen leader for a unit on camp.

These summarises all I have encountered so far. I wrote a poem too…..

War & Grace
They are pillaging
And I liberate
They are defacing
And I beautify
Let’s clarify
And then edify
All the nullified
And the stupified
we are sanctified
And are purified
Sent to the justified
Since we all were defiled

Let us glorify
And magnify
The great trinity
For life revived
For life renewed
We are sanctified….

Being around rough marauding soldiers inspires thoughts of war, I nearly lost a eye one morning when the biggle signalled us to “double up” to the parade ground. I was half dressed when this soldier came in smacking people. When he got to me, he raised the rod and struck at my left eye…I was still tending the eye while shouted to be pardoned yet this soldier kept smacking my head. I wonder why service to my nation should be this costly.


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