Why We write?

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I have been thinking, why exactly did I start this blog? was it to just fill the screen with letters or to get applause from anyone? Na! I have been wondering what exactly it would be like when I look back on the years I have spent tapping out letters on my keyboard and trying out various phrases.

Its all for a purpose

I definitely left that purpose and started chasing other stuff, web traffic, money, online income and the likes. i forgot this was supposed to be a diary, a journal of things i want people to know about the unique life I live.

So lets go back to it

Why I am different from every other human being may not be very important as your difference may not really matter to me. however, learning from the various obstacles our world hurls our way may be the difference that could make us all important. I write so that the stories I see each day will not just die off like worthless experiences. Someday I hope some people will stumble on what i have written and see how important their lives are.

The story of today

I just entered a cluttered office, and this thought came to my mind “why would ladies sit in such a dirty office” and they are very comfortable in it, swiveling chairs, Personal computers, earphones plugged and they are oblivious to the evident clutter. I then think up an excuse for them “Maybe its because of the load of work they have to do” there are lots of files packed everywhere to prove this but then even at that, an office should never be a dump. So I am thinking, it takes quite a bit of a strain for us to clean up clutters and its the threshold of cleanliness in us that determines how long we procrastinate “clean-up day”. The same applies to our health, mind, spiritual selves.

So what?

That clutter builds up daily, we even have social clutters, friends we ought to dump in the waste bin yet they litter our homes, rooms, tables and so on. We even have spirit clutters, weary or void spirits, this may sound strange to atheist or non-church people. But i still have to say it, sometimes we burden our spirits with dirty filthy thoughts, habits, discussion, movies, songs and this weighs us down even more than the stink in our sinks. Today is that day when we take a challenge to CHANGE. if you are reading this, take up your cleaning tools and head for the cluttered room, whether in your house or in your mind. don’t procrastinate.


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