The real reason students fail

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I don’t know how many of us heard that waec has a graph that is used to mark results in the senior secondary exams?? Some of us built our fears around this idea,  some built their cowardice on this simple rumour “afterall some people must fail” while some built their hopes on it.

If education is not tough then its not worth it,  am I right?? Yea some of our lecturers built their notoriety by this simple codes”education is for the privileged,  those the gods have blessed” so in Nigeria,  its either you can cope with the heat or you just were not born with the capacity.

We view western education as butter and milk because a lot of Nigerians that leave the country find it so simple. Hardship is the theme upon which our education culture has been built.  I cannot count the number of arguments I have been in where the subject is about which school tortures you the most before you get an ‘A’. 

In Secondary school,  I had this agricultural science teacher (Mr.  Akindele) who made his classes so simple and treated his exam questions with us before exams.  He was never as famous as Mr. Remzy who could lecture so hard and spank you so well with bamboo canes. In university I had Prof. Ogunba who would go the extra length of providing electronic copies of notes but he never received so much accolade as some lecturers who would copy PHD questions for undergraduate exams.

I think simplicity and Focus is what has kept the western world ahead of us in Nigeria.  We easily build a cult-like reverence for people who make little effort to transform our knowledge but possess great abilities to make life and education unbearable.

So the real reason people fail is not:
1. Some mythical graph.
2. Their misfortune with god(s).
3. Laziness.
4. Lack of fortitude to bear strain.

Most times its FEAR and COWARDICE that kills us the most. The style of a teacher/trainer/tutor must then be so simple that pupils get engrossed enough to forget their fears and they also find consistent encouragement that they lose their cowardice.

This post is in response to a prompt on my Daily Post challenge for today and I really hope someone out there becomes a better teacher or trainer by reading this. Education is not about who works harder but who works smarter.


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