Why Poverty Doesn’t Grow on trees

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Its not sheer luck that he is poor…no, don’t pity him and pleaseeeee….don’t shake your heads. He is staring too hard!!!…ok you can stop reading at this point cause that is the answer “Poverty isn’t by luck, the poor stare too hard”. At this point don’t be short-sighted, this isn’t really all about the money in his vault. You really are wondering and probably want to be sure if the poor will never get rich? well note: Its not a curse its just the truth of the picture the world has painted of the value of life. Everyone comes to him with books they have read and written on how to get rich, multiple streams, leverage, debt-financing and all the jargon of an artificial “money cycle”. ok just imagine for a moment that he does get rich, the question is where is the “RICH” benchmark, have you ever sat down to fix a RICH-METER for yourself that goes of with an alarm “NOW YOU ARE RICH!!!” NO and that is why even if he ever gets rich he will die not knowing it. He probably has no idea even about when he started, all he remembers is that at some point or the other, he started getting this gut-fear that HE MAY DIE POOR, panic….that is the fuel of the system, the money market, the capital market, its driven by the emotion of the investment mob, make them think doom is ahead and prices nose-dive, paint the future in gold and see prices dancing in glory. Ok back to his problem, he has suddenly come to realize that he probably will not have the best life has to offer, that he may end up suffering abject lack and so the books started coming, plus the get-rich talks, messages and teachings. He never realizes it was only an advert to join the rat-race and he has been drawn in. Money drives the economy and also drives lives and that is why for the car to keep rolling, the fear fuel most be well stocked, there must be that select few who sit behind the wheels, the middle cadre who ensure the car stays on course and people like HIM!! whose fear of failure fuels the investment drive, that is why he keeps looking for investment opportunities, money securities and high paying jobs, he needs to be a part of the system to feel safe. At this point someone is asking if money should the be DUMPED?, It would be a blatant lie to say money is not needed but then like every person going to war, its essential to go at least with an axe. Understand that money involves rulership, either you rule it or it rules you. We are all slaves to Money!!! another shocker right? well here it is, one way or another, money will ride you, make you feel small, intimidate you and batter you but why live all our lives in fear when that only strengthens the system. Even slaves know how to smoke pot after the master’s whipping. Get a secret weapon, its called PURPOSE, something independent of money, let it drive you. A man makes it is lifelong purpose to smile at that crooked old lady who always passes by hsi shop, it really costs nothing but its worth even more than the shop and all that is in it. Never get you will tied to money. MONEY will crush the WORLD!!!!….will think about telling you about that dirty little secret, maybe another time….MONEY will surely crush the world but its a severly gaurded secret. tell no one.


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