WHY? I should not have SEX?!!

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Well,its been really a while since I actually posted something straight from the heart. So SEX Sensually Emotional xtremist, that’s not the true meaning but from the telescope of new age revolution,I would think the world politics is played from courtroom to bedroom. I have a belief system which I hope if properly digested and understood it may help redirect the views we all have about SEX or not!!! All I ask is for rational focused thoughts.

I believe that the ability of man to hold strongly to ideal values are very much linked to his ability to stem the tide of passions or desires. at least ideal being seen as a value system that more often than not justifies the pattern of living as safe and healthy to and for the person and others around.

This article is not meant to be religious or bigoted but just a contribution to knowledge. Its a subject to be investigated but I believe strongly that people tend to loosen their rein on moral values starting from the bedroom,the moment we are ready to share our darkest and deepest desires with someone whom we fear we have the chance or choice to betray or deny,that moment marks the opening of our hearts to anything decietful, cause we have let go of restraint. I once defined Insanity as the point where a person just cannot hold on to themselves anymore. They lose the strength to be ideally not rigidly whole or sane.

The point in this all boils down to the need for governments to rule!!! If you will destroy a city you don’t just haul missiles at it,you tell more people how you have been doing so well, you get foot soldiers to hunt down the civilians,you make the people stop believing in the safety of their government or culture.

Many cultures teach restraint to their citizens,discipline and law. However, the new age springing from the first world nation preaches the insecurity of our culture, while showing us how much our money is worth compared to theirs,they kindle the light in our eyes at the thought of shifting camp for greener grass, we just see freedom in the media, letting loose all our passions and this in our dark rooms,crampy toilets,backseats of our cars and even in the manager’s office,we get to eat a piece of crumb from the enemy camp and so we let go.

What’s your belief? Why do you think SEX without bounds are okay? Why are our values rapidly decaying?

By the way sex between husband and wife is awesome, that’s not the one I was referring to.


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