Why I don’t care who gets hurt!!

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I have challenged myself to expose a lot of my hurt,  to give myself some space to breathe. To write without actually giving a freaking hoot who gets hurt!

I stopped writing on wordpress for a while,  moved over to facebook where:
1. People interact in real time.
2. You understand who your audience is.
3.  I don’t feel intimidated by all the special content that wordpress is known for.
4. Anyone can speak and be heard on facebook.
5. WordPress is too quiet for me and a bit rigid.

I have experienced a lot of negativity in that short period:

A lot of people assume that,  since you write a lot,  it means you don’t do other things.

Some automatically assume the role of saviour and redeemer when they seem to get a small peak into whatever mess you are passing through.

These people consistently assume they know how every other person should be living. I want to say right here that writers have a duty to teach “freedom of expression”.  Censorship is evil!

I have also gotten a lot of good advice,  writing jobs,  gave out some free writing training,  shared my book on some magic I learnt while completing a lot of academic writing assignments.

I should share more about who I am in my next posts. I look forward to interacting more with writers who are also struggling through different phases of self-discovery.


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