Who asks If I am fine?

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Hi everyun I dunno wherewith to commence  my tales about myself? If not hence?. “how so?” you ask “as you deal so in words?” Ok…. thanks for reading that intro just trying to do some Icebreaker writing there. I am Jonathan Oladeji does the last name sound strange? well its Nigerian I am from the Yoruba ethnic group. People seem to think the life of a Negro child should differ from that of a white one but really there seems to me to be no difference if you read through the things which i will be posting here for some time about my life I guess you should be able to decide for yourselves if a difference exists I hope to be so inspired daily to fill this blog and that my readers will find interest in what i have to say I really think I have things I have kept unsaid which should find a room for expression and this wordpress blog will serve the purpose thanks stay tuned


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