Where IS the PASSION of the Cross!!

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I am already getting sick of the bogus pictures of unearthly images painted on may pulpits while the young generation remains as sick as ever. I once heard my uncle read a newspaper of a Pastor who boasted thus “I know how much I suffered, so why can’t I pamper Myself with a Jet”(not exact).

The 76-year-old Pope Francis, who was archbishop of Buenos Aires until chosen as pope, has already made a name for himself as a champion of the disadvantaged. In his homeland of Argentina he was known for his strong social advocacy, working in slums and shunning the lavish lifestyle adopted by some senior clerics. He lived in a small flat near the cathedral, flew to the Rome conclave in economy class, and chose to travel with his fellow cardinals by minibus rather than in the papal limousine.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio – as Pope Francis was previously known – had already washed and kissed the feet of women in past ceremonies in Argentinian jails, hospitals and old people’s homes, including pregnant mothers and AIDS patients.

My faith describes to me A God who is so big that he cannot reside in the splendour of the glorious splendour of Solomon’s best architecture and humbly resides in MAN (earthenware), God resides in eternity and our spirit is the seed of eternity within which God resides but when we turn so base as to adoring finesse of dark riches we turn this seed of life into a seed of death and God cannot reside anymore, “The departing glory”. Not that you should not have comfort but do not glory in it. Turn to the downcast and help them up, Turn to the sick and heal them, Turn to the sorrowful and wipe their tears.


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