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Have not been really experienced in the world of rejection but I guess someone would say its a step into the real world of white collars and bills. Not like I really wanted to be accepted it was just an internship program in a line of business I convinced myself I could love. The moment I read the message of rejection my heart sank not because I lost an opportunity but the word “unsuccessful”. I had been labeled a failure and that irrespective of other things that are more important to me but that are not seemingly as lucrative as this opportunity. I have come to realise the downcast in the heart of people who get rejected and I had to deal with it. I am one of the foolish sort who believe in a DIVINE who orders our hearts and purpose who directs the doors that open for us and I believe in the relevance of each piece in a puzzle without which the whole puzzle of life would be incomplete. The corner piece would never fit in the center nor would it fit in the other positions available and despite the fact that the corner seems to be a disadvantaged spot does not eliminate the gap that remains prominent while it is yet to be placed in that corner, MY RELEVANCE IS SOMEWHERE and without me filling that spot the world will remain in disbalance, All I have to do is find my spot and not envy the centerpiece.

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  1. Timilehin

    Wow!!!!! Thanks Dami….is so inspiring. My relevance somwhere….hmmmm……thank u Lord Jesus!!


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