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by | Sep 21, 2016 | Personality | 2 comments

Weird fact #No1000 about me, my brain freezes when I see fine girl! I mean my brain practically does backflip, somersaults and freezes in mid air. Today I collected the remote and allowed the Somersault to land. I have been undergoing therapy so don’t call me “kolomental” just yet. I have decided to look my demon in the eye and grab him in the balls, sorry I meant “eyeballs”.

I decided to go to Ibadan, thank God I chose to follow bus and not “cars”. Few minutes after I sat down, this imperfectly perfect beauty entered too. All I saw were those eyes, she did not look up while climbing in but I got a flash of the eyes and I fell. Like lightning from the sky, I fell (no I am not Lucifer). She sat down and my brain started doing like broken record ” talk…don’t talk…talk na… shutup!”. Finally Jesus took the wheels, I decided to ask for a selfie “with her eyes!” Boom!!

Boom! Boom!! Boom!!! In y’all faces, all you boys out there, learn from the men. There are some things you say to a lady that will make her smile, there are some she will give you her number for and there are some…….I mean, she will give you home address, permanent address, village address. Don’t ask me which one she gave me, but here is to THERAPY!

If you are out there and you have been too scared to do something, my God will do your own too! Fear is in the mind and like every proposition in life, there is only YES or NO. Take a leap of faith and do what could earn you a dirty slap, you never know! It may earn you a selfie.



  1. Deb

    This is beautiful. She is beautiful. Congratulations on facing your fear


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