Wailing Asahel

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The heat of war and the battle strong, Asahel on my heels seeks my blood.
Turn aside young gazelle; claim your prize on another.
It was a sunny bright day on the hills of Samaria, Judah had flunked her war strategies and fled before Israel. We knew it would come to this, we feared blood would spill and yes it did. On a perfect other day, these hills chirping beautifully away, the birds and their nests were as still as waters. The purity of the silence and the joy of lovers, here I was with her comely soul smiling my heart out. I Asahel on the hills of Samaria found love and destruction fated together.
Diana my love, my heart’s sole desire, how I weep for your broken heart.
My prize, my precious love, how I pray the God of Israel keep.
It was here beneath the foliage, hidden in the secrets of forest green we consummated Love. The communion and the pride, oh the glory of claiming you for me. You were all I ever wanted and with tears streaming down my face I pound my way across this same green, slashing furiously away at the hanging branches. My steps are fluid, after Joab falls then will I be man enough, to claim you as mine.
Oh foolish Asahel they mocked, never known the strength of conquest. How then doth he claim such rights to a fair bride? Innocent naivety is his crown, the foolish runner who holds the company of bloodthirsty men. Asahel turns aside, find your place amongst orphans and widows, weaklings and no-goods…………..
Alas, it is my love that this day on Samaria’s hills I must bury or be buried!
Alas my love, hearken to the voice you hear,
It is my life’s blood spilled to own thee.

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