Zainab Haruna’s Midas Touch and the Soup N Stew Empire

There’s this myth in Nigeria and parts of Africa that some women have the Midas Touch. The myth propounds that even if a poverty stricken man can only just marry a woman, his fate would be reversed

Trevor Noah: The best 5-minutes elevator conversation I had with the man.

“Donald Trump has made everyone interested in everything, everywhere. He’s a worldwide phenomenon. And with everything that’s going on — the Muslim ban, threats to women’s rights, the environment

Brian Tracy case: Google ads and the omnipresent Digital marketer.

The fact is that a person who decides to buy usually has to find your offer more than one time. In order words, many of us don’t immediately make a decision to buy or subscribe to a product. You need…

The Konga and Jumia case: How it affects my friend who sells Tomato and Yam.

First I must say my reluctance to share post this was because I am determined to give my very best to every post here. My Facebook contacts have demanded that I publish it still if I think it’s unique enough.…