Unbroken: Louie Zamperini, Lessons on pain, suffering and forgiveness

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Louie ran in the Olympics at age 80, he always wanted to run and win but a twist of fate skewed the course of his life. 
It’s been a long time since I have seen a movie that made me cry but this one, it got me, I was teary eyed. “Unbroken”is an acute depiction of the need to survive, humanity’s cruelty and the chances life offers us to prove that we can do more even when it seems we have tried hard.

Louie was in the US army, his plane crashed at sea and he lost virtually all his crew members. At sea, he and two others drifted for 47 days. The first person to die was the one who kept saying “we are going to die”. What you say and believe matters a lot, this movie teaches a lot about believing the right things. Louie was trained to run by his brother who saw more than the truant he was, he learnt to believe in himself and turn his deliquent habit into an asset.

Louie and his friend were captured by the Japanese as prisoners of war and I could hardly keep watching as he was tortured mentally and physically. “The bird” as he was called, seemed to have taken a oath to break his spirit but louie defied him at every chance given. Maybe he would have been killed if he had given in to his captors and allowed his spirit to be broken, maybe his captor would have seen no reason to keep him alive and torture him. 

Louie remained unbroken, this movie got me so well that I had to go and look him up and really it’s amazing that despite the hatred he suffered as a prisoner this man found his faith and decided to choose forgiveness over vengeance. He returned to Japan to meet his captors but “the bird” refused to meet him. The seed of hatred, the evil things that men do, keep them awake while others sleep. 

Life is never going to be consistently peaceful, there will be war and division. The most important thing we should always consider are the choices we make in these times, what kind of human are you? 


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