TRANSCORP is a Gamble: Live Stats From Nigeria Stock Exchange

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Transcorp reality

Transcorp reality1

Disclaimer: The author of this article does not take responsibility for any decision made by the reader. The article is a simple common sense provision of facts gathered from various online sources such as:

Sequel to where I analysed the frailty of Transcorp business framework and the caution share holders should take.
The photos above are Live feeds for today 6th Dec, 2013. As you can see for yourself Transcorp tops the decliner’s table and the volume and value of shares significantly drops between 4th and 6th of Dec

On the 4th a record of:
Volume = 1,223,483,128.74
Value = 275,354,217

Compare that to what the figure above shows. Make your own conclusions!!!
of course we all know that stock figures are ever dynamic but I would hope that investors who can read in between the line will be aware that anyone looking out for short-term yield is in the wrong place when it comes to Transcorp, evidently the price of shares or share value has stuck to #4… and seems to be stable as I have keep checking the live feeds. However when it comes to potential, It would be fair to state that Transcorp shares have a hope of gaining through the emerging market Investments which funds are being pumped into as discussed earlier.
Coming soon with Analysis of other spotlight Businesses in Nigeria


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