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Crying Fat Woman

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Damola was one of those women who wanted a tall, dark and handsome (TDH) husband.

lyind just inches away from her, Damola had struggled all night to close the gap between them. It was so hot despite the whirring sound of the Fan, she could feel sweat trickle down her back and her lace nightgown stuck to her like wet paper. She finally got close enough to touch his slim back, he jerked in a sort of shock and almost fell off as he burst out in fury “what are you doing? can’t you see I need to wake up early?!!”

he lashed out few more angry warnings before turning over to sleep, Damola’s frustration rolled over the banks of her eyelids as she silently cried herself to sleep.

“suddenly he won’t even look at me” she told me in between sobs,

just 4 years into marriage and Sola was totally allergic to his wife. “That woman is a pig” Sola would say, his colleagues and their wives roared in jest as he sat with them. Some of them would choose their chance meet with Damola to taunt her with her husband’s ridicule.

As a Pastor’s wife and counsellor, it was one easy thing to console this lady and tell her all will be well but I had to figure out why her husband suddenly developed a distaste for her.

” so Damola, how has it been? when last did you have sex with your husband?”

“The last time was some months after my first baby Tara, since then….” she went into another crying session. “He says I am too Fat for him to touch”. Obviously Sola had a lot of sexual fantasies which his Fat wife could not fulfill, coupled with all the Diabetes treatments he had to pay for.

“I will just kill myself, I will end this ooo, mummy I can’t take this”. I realized she needed much more than Prayer and counselling so I recommended one of my friends to her. If you can relate with this story, follow the link bellow to find solution right now, and kindly put in your comments and stories so others can be encouraged. Your marriage is important, don’t let obesity kill it.



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Note: This story is a work of fiction and any semblance to any real life character is purely coincidental.



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