Throw back into The Future

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Fiction and Poetry | 3 comments


Lay me down by my darling,
Watch her breathe from my angle,
I kissed her nose,
Touched her neck,
Slid my arms around her waistline.

Lay me down,
So close to your warm breasts,
All the rise and fall,
On my bare chest,
I feel the heat between our skin,
Reminds me of lonely nights.

Lay me down,
On my bed set,
Wishing hard for night to stay,
For tomorrow again I rise,
To walk alone
Without a Friend.

Lay me down
With burdens and doubts,
None to touch,
To cuddle and hold,
In reassuring embrace.

Back to the future,
I find her lips,
Supple mounds,
Tender breasts,
Found my grip,
Beneath her blouse,
I relish the ways down below.

Its not a union of stick and holes,
Its not passion of skin and bones,
Its a call of humanity,
The need to be found,
Making up for yesterday,
All the times,
When we were lost.


  1. Innocent Azubuko

    Wow… Nice poem bro. I love the way you draft and organise your poems. Very lyrical, very articulate.

    • creativeriterz

      Innocent I really appreciate your readership and definitely I hope to be a good influence on other poets so I try my best.


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