This one has no title and thats because…

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This one has no title and thats because one of the major attributes I believe have helped me in life is the ability to be spontaneous. I watch movies without looking at the titles, I read books I don’t even know the authors, I listen to the most annoying songs and never know the guy I am insulting!

I know you have done close to that also. However if you are the perfectionist that wants to know the factory address of your kid’s cookie and the name of the toothpaste (also know by some as dentrifice) your boss uses. Then you should try to slack out on life a bit because of all things the most certain is death!! Its a Dead or alive thing.

I know lots of sad people,
They may die sad.

I know lots of smiling people,
They may die smiling,

I know some angry people,
They may die angry.

But they all WILL DIE.

Its time to celebrate!! I hope none of my readers moved on to the other end of eternity but to those who may have experienced the sorrow of losses in this year, I express my deepest condolence. A year has gone by and you are privileged to again read my blog that has kept some loyal audience like you, those who liked my posts, those who never agreed with the “guy” and the ones who just can’t bear his audacity. I admonish you, plead with you that the last few weeks of this year should be devoid of selfish, angry, moody, haughty attitudes or actions. Tell those guys who keep your nerves on their ends that you are taking a break. Have a lovely christmas in anticipation!!!


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