This is my Destiny

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I have found in me a flame to lead embedded in a desire to serve I have dreams for a needy world a hungry, searching and lost world  some will come with questions they want to know why? and how? if… then when? who will shine the light for the path ahead leadership in our times is more of a challenge as the days fly by no one feels secure in position of leadership we are scared of the sacrifices but yet we won’t let go I DECLARE MYSELF A SENT I don’t care for applause as that would be scarce in my reach many will hate and be angered by the thought of me many will seek to see me fail and utterly fall In this do I find solace I serve a God who holds the earth and hearts of men in his palm he views us as a child his toyhouse and yet in humility has cloned his awesome majesty and vesseled himself in me I represent God here on earth the SUPREME himself let the earth tremble for I am here to reign the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY my own father has made me a god and nothing less wisdom streams from my bossom and though I root from foolishness dwindle will the folly in me as I assume my station as Primier of immortality gyoniered by angels and imperioned by ministering spirits I am a son of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Yesterday as a student sojourner I had a misunderstanding with a coursemate and based on the truths which I have known and spoke I found myself despised of a friend but at the attack I saw more than herself rallying in rage were forces of appolyon led by hell they had seen a light and wished to see it darkened by despair and they struck, clawed and snapped their fangs at me and I was lost for all it was worth, they pressed with all their might and to the earth my knees almost were bent and I almost begged for pity but then that gentle comforter… from afar off in the midst of the darkness and dissaray I saw the ray of hope’s parade The holy spirit himself ministering to my needs and tending my sores and in the midst of the horrific cries of Jubilee of these dark forces he strengthened my arms for war and without a slightest incling I rose with a war cry YAHWEH!!!! on my lips and with blood raging on my sword the word pouring from my lips I slaughtered without mercy….. The war is just begun


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