The Rise of POUNDED Yam (Iyan)

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A common trend in food culture is associating meals with circumstances, when you think garri and epa, you think “suffering continue”, when you think rice maybe Jollof rice, you think “Parties”, when you think Eba or Agege Bread, you think “hungryman meal”. However, dignity and mirth precedes anyone who is greeted with the sounds of pounding pestle against mortar, with the yam white and well beaten and paddled.

Dad and mum just wanted pounded yam, its sunday and the stress of dancing all day in church makes the pounding of yam an unappealing task. I loved the result by the way. The yam was the type meant for pounding.

I just want to write about the culture in food and how it is one of the many outlets of the depth of my culture. Its common to see the western world trending simplicity, even food now comes in tablets (Additives and supplemets). However, the Yoruba (Yooba) will say “ba gunyan ninu ewe, ba sebe ninu epo epa, eni to ma yo maa yoo” meaning notwithstanding the circumstances that surround the meal cooked or the size of the container, food well cooked will be appreciated by the sensible.

Appreciating the skill and tact with which I have seen women pound yam and prepare the most tasty meals, I have come to realize that life is too short already not to take out time to express our diversity even in meals. Just as we appreciate the artist and sculpture or even the painter, the African dish comes with divine abilities that could only be supernatural.

I just finished pounding the yam in the photo this night and I had the best of meals and so I challenge my readers who also write,it is the work of a writer to hone his skills and produce such tasty meals that give the reader a satisfied belch. One word is a step to going thousand miles.

(After a good meal,sing)

Eyin le se eyi
(It is you who has done this)
Eyin le se eyi oooo
(It is you who has done this)
Ayeraye Olorun Iyanu
(Eternal God of Miracles)
Eyin le seyi ooo eeeee
(It is you who has done this)

Dami de furst ¤Writz¤


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