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You Can Write Too

I have heard a lot of people complain that they just can’t find the right words “I am not a literary-inclined person, I just don’t know how to start“. For one I think its a state of mind, some people assume its a female thing “girly thing you are doing over there Damilola, writing a poem”. In this article, I will 3 foolproof practice exercises that would get you going on that love note.

I cannot really remember stumbling on a Love letter between my parents in recent years, yes! “they have been there, they did that and are done with that” but is it really a grown up thing to stop giggling whilst penning a note to express your feeling? I say NO

First get over these two myths:

1. Writing is Feminine

2. Writing is for Kids.

One day your ability to express yourself would transcend a love letter to the height of Executive Summaries and such boring likes.

You may be asking yourself why its important to be expressive, before I start listing let me illustrate with my experience whilst applying for Jobs and Post Graduate Studies. Each time I started an application, I would click away and pluck at the keyboard of my TOSHIBA laptop then when I reached the screen asking for a “Personal Statement of Purpose” or “Cover Letter” I would develop a sort of nauseous feeling because my first thought always was “this would probably take another 30 minutes to craft”, yours could take 3 days but I would at this point emphasize a need to be spontaneous, BE SPONTANEOUS. The greatest writing killer is procrastination, so again I say BE FAST ABOUT IT!!.
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you will hear more about Being Spontaneous as a writer later on, today I just want to get on with that LOVE NOTE. Are you set with your pen and paper?

Mental Association: Feelings of  Love are easily associated with flow for example, water, river, smooth, wind. Associate yours to some related flow, something or a place that closely relates to that feeling you are having, then compare that thing to your Lover. Ensure that you can create an image of the magnitude of your feeling towards this person, “A Billow” and “whispering wind” describe totally differing emotions. Here is a sample:

” O no! it is an ever-fixed mark

That looks on tempests and is never shaken;

It is the star to every wand’ring bark,”

In this example culled from Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare Analysis & Poem by Shakespeare talks about a “tempest”, that is closely related to wind or seas and just one example of how you can use memories of flows to stimulate your LOVE NOTE.

Next up:

– Word Associations

I quickly made a search to add authority to this expo, just read this on Writer’s Digest .

In my own words, associate, related, comparable that describes the expressions or meanings you would like your love to derive from your Note.

Okay, kindest regards. Damilola Jonathan Oladeji

PS. I did not forget the 3rd Point, I am just tired and would like to continue next time.


  1. creativeriterz

    tired? @teemee1410 how do you mean? writing could be really stressful especially when you really want to put something real and authentic out, I am not tired though.

  2. teemee1410

    Ummm. Nice one Jonathan. Wonder y you are tired though


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