The mad world (series)

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Its starting to tickle, to bug me. The fact that we have been here so long but have yet to know as much as we want to. The other day I saw a fool walk across the road drunk and stupid. He had crossed that road his pockets full, he had left home with the baby crying and slapping nagging scratch of a wife screaming. Yet he crossed that road with his wages, he owned the world as it were. He would live forever he thought “rounds for everyone” he belched his money away. Minutes, hours passed and the rowdy bar turned to the next fool as his pocket emptied out “damn y’all” he says, staggers out the door back on the road. Its not the noise of the road nor that of hawkers neither is it the shrill scream of those who saw it….he has seen his end in one split moment, and he has one more chance to consider taking that step. Will destiny be in a fools hands?


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