The mad world (series)

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The fool wanted a chance back, his foot already on the tar. The car approaching saw him too late yet he wanted life back. Behind the wheels, eyes bulging in fright, her thoughts went about in blind flashes. She had seen this fool before! When he still stood tall, he had skill, charm and he was the pride of his acquaintances. I remember the day she first saw him, she was blind to the good and potentials in him. All she saw was a chance to taste another wanton moment of blind lost.

Stupid souls die fast.

The foolish son says his father’s back is crooked.

Omo to fe mo oun to mu ti ori igun fi pa… the child who investigates the vulture’s baldness.

Curiosity is wild poison we cannot tame, but we always try to be always curious. There remains questions which our finite minds can never answer. The foolish woman who only cares for the pleasures of a one night stand. We all have just one life, after then another fool takes your spot. The comedian has an ancestor and a descendant so does the king, thief, teacher, politician and so on. Kill him!!


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