The Harlot’s Pride

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Based on the story in Joshua 2…..Its a Chapter in the Bible 🙂

The Harlot's Pride....By

The Harlot’s Pride….By

Think of it why live in the wall?
In the wall of Jericho? A city strong and terrible
There in her walls dwelt a mole,
A mole strong and fiendish

Israel sought her;
Men trailing the dark shadow of the stony city alleys,
A mission to perform they consorted,
With whom would Israel dine?
The mole in Jericho’s walls?

When she was younger,
Her story had taken the dark turn,
A trade of her flesh for the sustenance her brethren sought,
While she lived all her gold was to feed the health of her home,
Then the spies tried the knob of her door,
She had spied the tales and received the invitation of the eternal!!
So she made an oath to seal her home in the Book of Life!!

Rahab the harlot, who had a pride,
Rahab the harlot who swore to let her child live,
Rahab the Irony, deceit and glory mirrored!!
Rahab the harlot, who made a pact with the divine,
the mole that felled Jericho.

7292 rahab {raw-hab’} b;h’r a primitive root; TWOT — 2125; v
1) to behave proudly, act stormily/boisterously/arrogantly
7293 rahab {rah’-hab} b;h;r from 7292, bluster(-er); TWOT — 2125c; n m
1) pride, blusterer
1a) storm, arrogance (but only as names)
1a1) mythical sea monster
1a2) emblematic name of Egypt
7294 Rahab {rah’-hab} b;h;r the same as 7293; TWOT — omitted; n m
Rahab = “?”
1) storm, arrogance (but only as names)
1a) mythical sea monster
1b) emblematic name of Egypt
Business/Career Ethics
Rule #1 Pride Goes before a Fall
No matter what your business or career pursuit, the ability to resolve to a simple approach to life and business could save you a lot of loss:
1. Learn to repair damages done to customers/clients/friends, make them to believe they have a upper hand and they will stick to you.
2. Never believe in your infallibility. Only God is perfect and you are not him!!
3. Seek to put other’s praise as a reward for work they have done. Stop stealing that young upcoming lad’s moments!! He may turn out to be your mole.
4. Be ready to shake hands with competition when you have the chance. Make sure the camera is there too 😉
5. Don’t be too high up to ask for a hand of help. Business lives on when willing hands lift you when you trip!!
Rule #2 It does not Matter
That is the ultimate risk your business or career could encounter:
1. What if it finally matters and costs you!!
2. Identify the moles in organizational efficiency and plug them.
3. Don’t allow moles a living quarter in your walls, anything that reduces your personality is a weakness.

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