THE DEVIL’s DEAL: Sell your soul

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There is one major pitfall a lot of people always fail to avoid, that deal you should never have taken on. I have had a recent experience that makes me really sympathise with Judas who betrayed is Master and found himself out in the cold with the money bag at his feet. Currently you may be reading this post and you have been offered a deal that looks like an answer to your financial problems, I beseech you to read this article first to the end before you say yes.
I was in a very tight financial spot, no food in the house, house rent overdue and no welfare package in view. I was practically stranded and spent lots of hours trying to figure out what to do next. Let me give you a little background to where this story starts from. I am currently in my 3rd month in service to my nation as a member of the National Youth service corp, I was posted to Awka in Anambra state of Nigeria. My financial backing has always been nuclear family and so I found it difficult dealing with the trickling flow of income yet increasing cost of survival.
This fine day in the dryness of Awka and in the heat of community development service at the local government secretariat, one of my co-tenants approached me with a request to design something which in my mind’s eye I was not sure I could be a part of it but for the purpose of humouring him I just kept nodding and also some part of me secretly hoped it was the ease to my financial burden so when he came with the materials for the Job later at night, I delved into work and finished surprisingly quick.
The problem however was that my friend was asking for some modifications, which I promised to add in the morning. I sat up the next day with a burning question of Loyalty, how would you feel for example as a lawyer who hates alcohol and a brewery approaches you with a contract that would change your wrecking house? Or a Pastor-Architect who is to design a disco hall?
I refused the work that morning, the “gentleman” almost cursed me and even tagged me a back-stabber. I had no choice than to give him the work I had done so far, carrying the regret all day has been bigger than my financial burden.
On the other hand, the question of loyalty may not be as regards to such intangibles as conscience or mind but it could be to your wife, boss or children. If your choice of action would put to question your loyalty to any of them, then you are a potential Judas!!


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