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Marriage: do it with the right attitude, cause your score sheet ain’t anywhere near planet earth.

Wat do u think of this:

“God said you are my wife!”

A man once at his death bed, told the priest he was not sure which of his wives he would have in heaven. He lost his first wife at childbirth, lost the second to an accident and the third to old age.

The real question he wanted to ask is which of them was “APPOINTED” by God? DESTINY wife..*rotfl*

Matt 22:24-30 describes how much confusion man has created by turning marriage (an earthly affair) to an eternal affair! we want to have God to blame for the errors, flaws and inconsistencies we find.

We say “their marriage failed because they didn’t hear God”. Who told you that’s God’s favourite topic?!

Brother, you have chosen to cleave to that woman, for the remaining +70-yrs of human life. Better start working out how it won’t cost you your soul and how you will preserve the souls you burdened with flesh by the sanctity of sex-creation.

The human soul is a constant, its gender insensitive. Here on earth alone will we have a need for gender, our unseen life force is one and the same.

1 and 0, like machine language the soul has to be translated into a form that fits this realm. When code is written in the English we all speak, rules of multiplicity, creation and recreation involve combined input, from different modules; Male and female to produce output = another soul!

Yet machine  language remains constant 1/0, on/off, dead/alive. This the design of the soul. Marriage and gender starts and ends here. Just be alive to God! Don’t be so burdened with whether God will point finger at him/her then the day you mess up you can pull the “Adam’s card”…….”God it was you oo”


  1. adenikeoladeji

    Thank God no marriage in heaven; but do not spoil your eternity with negative marital unfaithfulness and mismanagement.Marriage can and should be enjoyed here on earth and be a foretaste of heavenly bliss.

    • creativeriterz

      The post does not in any way advocate negative marriage attitudes. Rather everyone should take responsibility for choices they make.


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