The 2 Great Laws of Liberty

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The 2 Great Laws of Liberty
Note: Value attached to you is your greatest measure of freedom. You have not been allowed a sit in the parlour and you are joining the bedroom! #whodoesthat?.

The extent to which you serve purpose will determine your right to be free.

There is a story of two men who laboured all day felling a tree, one for the king’s fireplace, another for the city storage. Every hour a messenger was sent from the king to check the king’s wood and of course the cutter. When the cutter left for the palace, it was in the king’s car he rode. The other man laboured all night but yet trekked home.

To measure value we ask “whose purpose am I serving?”
Law 1: (law of Identity) Ensure if you can, to serve the greatest authority possible.
In your workplace for example, serve the manager’s purpose not the secretary! A ride with the President in his old model Volkswagen beetle and a ride with a Shoe cubbler in his hummer Jeep……there is a difference.

The second rule is inextricably linked to the first.

Law 2:(law of replacement) never take on a job where you are just an option out of many. If you do end up with such a job, then labour to make its quality or value to be uniquely associated with you.

Know how to conduct yourself well while you are still replaceable. Being a contract staff is not the same as Permanent staff.

These rules are derived from lessons learnt in the scriptures and I doubt if any employer or leader would refute them. Reading Luke 19:28-48 is an eye opener to what could be termed “the absolute viable reason for freedom”

Jesus says to tell whoever asks why the colt had to be loosed, freed or delivered that the master needed the colt. A colt who before was tied, useless, purposeless, shackled and limited. Truly when the colt was to be freed, the lawful captors Isa 49:24 came questioning….but the lord says “even the captives of the mighty will be delivered” because the master has found use, purpose and destiny for him. The Almighty is Establishing purpose for you today that will break your bonds In Jesus Name.

Now you must not forget that praising God, living for his glory is also part of the reason for which you have been liberated. Stones will not replace you and me In Jesus Name. If you are yet to choose under whose authority you want to serve, Know that God is the authority that yet remains unbeaten even if you have no proof. Whatever is proven remains within human capacity, choose Jesus through faith and you will never remain the same.

Inspired: Daily Guide (SU publication)

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