Technology HITs: Microsoft Just won’t sleep

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“@NigeriaNewsdesk: Microsoft will deliver Windows 8.1, codenamed “Blue” to OEMs in late August 2013, company officials have said.”

So for all you Lovers of windows interface and interactivity, watch out I believe the experience with windows 7 has been great,Its high time we moved on.

Windows 8.1 was launched at the Microsoft Build developer conference in San Francisco and when available the final version will be available as a free downloadable Windows 8 update.

In the meantime, Microsoft has released a preview version of the new version of Windows 8 – the Windows 8.1 Release Preview is now available to download.

“Windows 8.1 isn’t a whole new operating system: it isn’t the same leap as Windows 7 to 8. But it’s more than a service pack as well.

“Some things, like customising tiles on the Start screen, feel a little more long-winded until you get used to them. But generally the interface feels more consistent and easier to learn. And the expanded PC Settings gives the mass of control panel options a clean, simple interface that Windows has needed for years.”

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