The power house: having a techie as a brother is just magical

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Today I just want to appreciate one of the most important persons in my journey as a writer. He is my technical support. Every brand or serious business person should have such helpful and smart web techie brothers like mine. I have had moments with him that I can’t boast of. We had a really ugly fight before I left Nigeria.  The selfishness we both displayed was epic and all we fought about now means nothing looking back.

Where we have been

I remember how it all started. Our parents returned from 2+ years of missionary trip, they came with a Pentium 1 desktop PC. My brother had then enrolled for computer lessons and soon we had “Rising Lands” installed on the system. My brother was practically hooked to the computer. He dumped his lessons and took up playing games full-time, I must say it was really torture for our parents. I was the strategy man, sitting behind him and directing the plan for conquering new land. He would ask for my opinion about a move and I will think then give him my best guess. We had just one PC and the girls knew they could not get anywhere near this one. The game got so stuck in our brains, we would wake up before morning prayers and play till late at night.

Cheating the game

One day my brother decided that he could make us cheat the game, he somehow tweaked the script. We now had excess resources and infinite soldiers but then out enemies also had the same apparently. The game became boring. We moved on to HTML, my brother stumbled on web designs and started learning codes to make text dance around. I would as usual sit on an extra seat and point out the necessary adjustments to make the designs epic. We did this for a while and Macromedia Flash (Now Adobe flash) jumped in on the fun. Before long my brother had mastered the basics of animations on Flash, he started earning in secondary school.

Since then we have always made efforts to cheat the repressive system of society that gives us only limited resources. Based on our background maybe birth in a third world nation, we should never be here. This time, we are doing things by the book and not illegally because of the lesson in that game. It taught us that every dubious approach to breakthrough gives you two steps forward but also arms the universe to fight you in similar measure.

Blogging came along

Now 10+ years after, he has been the support for my blog and I remember the day my brother said this to me “someday, every person would need websites made with their names” That is why he advised me to make my email [email protected]. This advise is what companies are now using as guiding principles for employment. Now I also own [email protected], This is what I will like to call a “technical footprint.”

Identity is one thing, brand is another, these issues are gradually becoming big markets for businesses, writers, content providers, promoters and advertisers. The need to have an address on-line, the need to own your identity. Do you know how many people also have the name Jonathan and Oladeji? How lucky I am to be the one who claimed it. Now all the others will have to add something like because that brand that they need to have is already taken and one of the most innovative tech experts is behind me.

Brains run in the family

My brother graduated his bachelors with a first class and eventually had his masters from the University of Greenwich. For those who have probably asked him a million times how it all started, I hope this answers. His was just that one in a million chance that “fun turns out into career,” maybe I will write his autobiography someday. He helped me realize that despite my giftedness to learn anything, I had to find my niche and we turned out good, complementing each other’s work. He registered his company Wipixar Solutions immediately after school and has built too many websites and mobile apps for me to count.

Come all

I have seen people struggle to own websites for their businesses. I started with but my brother believed in my skills as a writer. He explained to me how limited my free WordPress blog was and promised to keep these blogs running. I can’t say I have paid for all his efforts and services but he has always come up to answer me when these platforms go haywire. Website owners go through a lot of problems when they need their site to function in a particular way, my brother has been the perfect team. I want to say much more but I just have to stop here. He has told me about some of the things he wants to do and recently he made an offer to build websites at 20k and 40k for individuals and businesses.

Now I don’t really know the details of the two packages but I have provided the links to both deals in this post and I hope you will message him to get a deal. I also want to ask you to help me by sharing this post, I would hope that from all my friends I can get at least 50 clients for him before the end of the year, he is a lecturer and I know his students are lucky to have him. My brother deserves more, he has created so much business ideas and we have been unable to float any successfully but he has kept my platforms afloat, I would appreciate your shares even if you won’t get any of the deals he is offering. CLICK HERE to see all he offers. Remember to share.



  1. drpeo

    Awww. And I’m blushing on his behalf.

    • jonathanoladeji

      Heheheh, yes ooo. Drpeo, he is one incredible brother as you are incredible sister.


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