Tasha Cobbs and Nicki Minaj are not going to Hell.

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Contrary to what you think, I don’t know if the Gospel Singer and Nicki will end up in Hell. The reason I have written quite much about this issue is that many Christians are scared of owning up to anything. Typical of us, Tasha took to the pulpit and claimed that “Jesus did it!” She signed the contract, she sang the song, the money goes to her account but “Jesus did it.”


All in the bid for us to silence any voice of dissent, it is common for Christians to use the “God spoke to me,” line. We do not know this but it is this reason that has made it difficult for us to claim that salvation makes any difference. Since anyone can claim God said anything and the Bible can be made to approve anything. I wrote a “Lost parable,” which I would love you to read. Maybe Jesus does not really want to help me through my depression and bad habits, maybe he just wants to use me.

I am Being Judgmental?

I have never been a perfect Christian, to be honest, I have messed up a lot and I have also come to realize that messing up is human. However, there is this fear I have always learned to understand. You don’t go from the bed of fornication into the bed of fellowship with God. Yes we are human and we mess up, but if you feel good enough about messing up that you don’t get worried about carrying your Bible the next minute or standing to minister the next minute, then I am scared of you. I am really frightened by the idea that I could finish beating up my wife and still climb a pulpit with no iota of shame.

There is always a way to know when I am not in sync with God, I lose fellowship and that makes it difficult for me to serve. What is the point of my service if it is not going to be backed by fellowship with God?

Is it just so I can look good and use my talents? I play the saxophone but for some time I stopped because church attendance was a sparse thing for me. When I go to church these days, I am aware that my attendance is not what qualifies me to return to worship and sing but the justification I get by faith in Jesus.

How can you be justified when you cannot even fellowship?

The most painful responses to this, comes from “Christians.” We claim that Jesus sat with Sinners and I do not refute that. I dare ask you if Jesus ever called these sinners to service without showing them the need for repentance?

Sinners can attend church and they should not be pushed away, we all are sinners and we should have a chance to sit with Jesus but only a person who wants to end like Judas would dare to consciously follow after their own greed and lust yet still serve as a mouthpiece of God.

Don’t you feel shame when you fall short of God’s glory? Don’t you see the need to separate yourself? Are you telling me Nicki will stop writing vulgar lyrics and follow only Christ? Are you saying she is now repentant of her promotion of a sex-driven personal brand?

JESUS is not desperate

I am not here to argue about who sins more, the point to be made here is that Jesus is not forcing anyone to represent him. I will listen to Nicki and not feel guilty because it’s her song style, leave it at that. But to make it seem like Jesus desperately needs the Minaj brand for the gospel is just absurd.

And we Christians that defend these things with such arguments, we only end up enslaving ourselves to the world’s standards. Eventually we make it harder for Christians to stand for anything.

I was on a thread yesterday; a teacher at a christian preschool was sacked for maintaining a second job as a porn actress. People argued that the Christian school was too intolerant and judgemental. We all know Jesus would neither watch, patronise or approve porn but we somehow expect a school built as a model of his lifestyle to close its eyes to a member of their team who acts porn.

There is no coercion

No one should come meet you in the closet of your room to stuff Christianity down your throat but as a Christian, I maintain the right to say, that alliance with Nicki does not represent Jesus. This is not about whether it was financially beneficial, of course they are bound to make more money. It’s also not about whether anyone should listen, you should enjoy music but don’t confuse them for what they are not. I listen to secular music and I know it’s secular, there is no need to hide and put yourself in doubt and worry. If you are going to do anything, make sure it is done with full knowledge.

The song itself could be a good jam, I listen to good jams like this “Babylon” track from Tuface and MI but I don’t go about deceiving myself that the song is some “service” to God.

God is not a starved sky daddy, thirsty for any kind of service. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: God will not despise a broken and contrite heart. Serving while actively chasing your own lust and greed only puffs people up, making it hard to come to the God who justifies the duly acknowledged ungodly person.


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