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Here’s where you get a ton of my free content to help keep you inspired as you build and grow your digital business. If you are looking for personal stories, a journey into self-development, some self-help content for storytelling, then you are welcome to my mind.

Turn – A short story

Turn – A short story

A girl hung herself in my office this morning, looking at her body slowly sway, turn and twist, I had to think about all the possible explanations I could give my wife. I have also taught about that empty fan hook before, it had this appeal, it looked like it could be...

Walai!! DASUKI Featured inside BIBLE

Walai!! DASUKI Featured inside BIBLE

STRICTLY FOR NAIJA AUDIENCE: we will talk to all others soon....Bear with us E wo eyin haters club, as far as DASUKI is concerned, every split in cash was a hit back to back, lati ori Falae, Dokpesi, Bafarawa till iyaf reach our overhead CHAIR BABA, yet Nigeria never...


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