SUICIDE commitment Ceremony.

Invitation to suicide ceremony

SUICIDE commitment Ceremony.

Dear Vero,
I am glad to bring to your notice my upcoming ceremony, please come with your whole family, including your househelp.

I know you are asking your Husband what “suicide” is, simply put “self destroy”. Just like abortion, it is the process of prematurely terminating life.

Most people who help themselves to die or who help others (babies) to die are quite different from murderers. Murderers are made from a fear of the past while Suicidals fear the future. Murderers rarely cry while they pull the trigger, Aborters always cry. Murderers can experience resistance from the victims, Suicidals and Aborters kill without a good fight.

It is so sad how I have become one of these cowards, I thought it could work between us. Me and my baby, the fears that he will not live to see tomorrow. I did not even know when he was born, I just found that I was pregnant, again. How would I look if he was a sick one, Ideas, thoughts, plans, passions. What if no one wanted him, my dear ideas, tiny little ideas. My friends and family have also not been much help, they tease me, taunt me, tell me “it cannot live”. Each time, I pull out the flickering seed of life.

Well, I am tired. This time, I must end this shame, my ideas that die are a part of me. I have chosen to be the better coward and end my miserable existence while you all applaud, maybe that will make you all happy with me.

You are therefore invited to my Suicide commitment ceremony, just by the. Central lagoon, 6:30am, 1st Jan 20**

Yours, Sincerely.

PS: pardon the use of strange words like Suicidals (those who have suicidal tendencies) and Aborters (Those who have abortions)


2 thoughts on “SUICIDE commitment Ceremony.

  1. this writing makes me wonder how many suicide ceremonies i’ve attended or even planned for myself.
    do not kill the idea… let it grow.

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