I have been following an amazing business man for a while and he has helped me to shape a lot of my ideas about business.


Strive Masiyiwa is an inspiration to many, with over 2 Million Users following his facebook Page he is a force in the development of the 21st Century Business Mind. He has a beautiful habit of sharing his business stories periodically, it makes a lot of us love and respect him. He could as well just allow the bots to deal with publicity but as a busy man he has still taken out time to interact with his readers all over the world.
This has not only created a brand but he is becoming an Ideology, there is hardly any African entrepreneur that does not follow Dr. Strive. I discovered that a lot of those following him desire to have his stories in one place for in-depth reading and analysis. Some of us just cannot cope with the public or social space and we may not be able to endure the search of going through his wall to read relevant posts.
So I decided to build a collection of his posts which also features some of the follow-up comments he makes and calls “After Thoughts”. I have simply used Google Chrome Printer to curate content from his site and compiled it with care to ensure that it is not bogged with too many extra comments. This Ebook is distributed with his written permission and I hope you enjoy reading through. Please Note that the categories on the website of Strive Masiyiwa were so many so I focused on “Africa”. the articles you will read are those that featured in that category even though they may have also featured elsewhere.



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