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Hello dear reader, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I would really love to say “I am no stress expert” but that would be a bit untrue. Through my five years in  HYPERLINK “file:///C:\Users\Jonathan\Documents\BLOG%20POSTs\” University, I have been found in very tight spots. One quite hilarious day I had was probably a Monday; I had spent the night after Church and fellowship, reading. I woke up to see I had slept almost past the time for my first lecture so I hurriedly left my room (not sure if I had a bath), then I took to my heels. Running breathless, I had only gone barely halfway when a Lucifer-ous rumble started down my navel and the nearest toilet was totally off my path to class, I could feel this was not the solid type that could be held-up for later, my course changed for that time. I emerged victorious anyways despite I had to figure how to placate the lecturer. I remember walking into a test 30 minutes late and I had only about that much time left, I had missed the test question but mercifully the lecturer allowed a colleague dictate to me. How do you think I spent the rest of the day?
The point I am getting at is that, for every student there is always going to be that day that seems not just to be your day and we are sometimes tempted to start smashing stuff, so the question will be, “what do I do now?”
Breathe easy: remember to stop holding your breathe to see what calamity may fall next, you may have had the roughest season with the books yet its better to relish what is directly in front of you that moment. I have had days when I just saw a not-too-good result and I would feel like being an ostrich for the rest of the day but after some time of practice I came to find that its much more profitable though harder to do, to just find another reason to keep moving and hitting the books hard.
Find a hobby: It is one of the best things that I could ever do for myself, I had so many things I wanted to be good at while in school, they started as hobbies but I later turned them into Jobs, try not to be like that. Find that one thing that when you do it, you are 100% having fun (Good fun).
Avoid depressive company: There are different types of people one could be with at different moments in school, there are the goal getters and positively motivated ones and there are also “Devil’s Advocates” who only see the worst in every situation, avoid them like the plague. They may not necessarily be bad people, they may even have the same religious persuasions but by the virtue of their self-development or the lack of it thereof, they have the greater tendency to sit in the mud and wallow. Please move far from such.
Talk it Over: If you don’t want to hear the religious “crap” then be sure you have a close friend who will always hear you out and who loves you enough to shelf their own problems. if you are the loner type, be sure you have God. Cause sometimes and most times stress could eat in so deep that only a 2-way conversation could get it out. I for one have found that faith-convictions and certainty about one who is in charge of all, always helps to bind our mind together and keep us from totally freaking out
Finally you may have another medium to share your academic experiences with the world and hope that people who have been in your shoes would lend a voice. Mail me your story if you would like to be heard ( HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected][email protected]). This is my blog and I am determined to serve a world of youths and young minds out there.


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