Sophy and logy of Woman: The Woman was Made For The Man

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Some would say “You are the man, the Breadwinner” and so on, yet the same set of people fight for GENDER EQUALITY. Fight you will but it’s the hope of this article to make sense of an acclaimed absolute authority over the human politics. Politics in this case not referring to nations, cities or counties per se, rather, a reference to the distribution of work, when we have to make a balance in any male-female relationship.
WOMEN want to be Equal Weaker vessels, and make fools of men. Below is a real debate which although I have taken the liberties of censoring, will depict a somewhat religious but reasonable opinion of two different independent thinkers.

It is quite a long one so I have broken it into bits. You can sit back, relax and read, add your opinion through the comment box, read other works on this blog and follow us through this library of words.

[12:35PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: We work in different parts of the country, Wen I travel to meet her, I pay my transport and d basic things she needs for d period am around comes from me.
[12:35PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Wen she wants to come
[12:35PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: She claims its my responsibility to pay! And Then I av to buy all she wants while she is around and other girls claim it is my responsibility too.
[12:36PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Yeske… is
[12:36PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: I guess dts y guys use and dump u girls
[12:37PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Bcos u are usually so emotionally carried away dt u push financial burdens in d guy “shebi he is d man”
[12:40PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: She would say “u ar d man” wen it comes to money issues but wen it comes to obeying the guy’s principles she would not listen
[12:40PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: To me is an exchange…Dat’ was my own little discovery about a guy giving a lady money
[12:42PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Is both ways!
[12:42PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: D guy should be d one to spend more…..n not d oda way round…ok
[12:44PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Both shld spend equally!
[12:44PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Y would u say d guy shld spend more?
[12:44PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Then d girl shld do more work or something
[12:44PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: I disagree!
[12:45PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: So?
[12:45PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: D man shall be d head…..
[12:46PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Being d head has nothing to do with responsibility sharing and even if u want to use dt principle properly then answer this “the manager or the messenger who works more?”
[12:47PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: It is
[12:47PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Study ur bible…..a virtues woman only help her husband
[12:49PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Hmmm is dt wat it says?
[12:50PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Infact prov talks of d virtuous woman as d worker
[12:50PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Search d scriptures….n c if it was 50-50tin
[12:51PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Only talks about how hard working she is suppose to be also
[12:52PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: It didn’t tell us she took the responsibility in house
[12:52PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: She shall be an helpmeet……
[12:53PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: I av never seen any biblical reference where the man was described with such laborious activity as prov 31 describes the woman
[12:54PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Check prov 31
[12:54PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Ummm
[12:54PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Vs 13 says she worketh willlliiiiinnnnglllly
[12:55PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Vs 15 says she giveth meat to her household
[12:55PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Now check vs 23
[12:56PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Bros….it is his responds-ability.
[12:56PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Her husband is known in the gates…when he siiiiittteeethhhh among the elders of the land
[12:58PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: See?
[1:09PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Bros! Don’t be like som men outdere….dere was no place in bible where it was recorded that a woman took care of the home
[1:10PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Av u read prov 31?
[1:10PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: I don’t plan to give a woman my Job or to b lazy but I also hate that whining attitude girls carry
[1:11PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: D scripture does not also make d man your camel!
[1:12PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Yea rite!
[1:12PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: In fact there is more honour and value in a home where the woman works as hard as the man, such that it is d man sef dt will b looking 4 hw to help her
[1:13PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: I tell u….I would respect dt kind of woman more
[1:14PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Not d wan dt-
Work….”u ar d man na”
Money ….”u ar d man na”
Food ….”u ar d man na”
Wash ….”u ar d man na”
[1:14PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: “B romantic na”
[1:16PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: And she wants to kip sex till after marriage ooo, thnx God he delivered me from uncontrolled sexual desires
[1:17PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Probably I would av been d one even trying to find a way to do it
[1:17PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Bros….study message translation of dat verse 15
[1:18PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Infact study d whole chapter in msg…..
[1:18PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Stop using translation to fuddle up scriptures….I really don’t av dt translation but I am aware that message was intended to ensure you have a simple way for saying something that is difficult in KJV
[1:20PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Not to serve as d basis for understanding….even in our language there are some words that modernized versions will not express well
[1:21PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: N dat she provide meat on d table does not mean she used her money to buy it
[1:22PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Oh so u did not see all d verses where she was described as a manufacturer, investor and merchant?
[1:23PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Vs 16, 19, 24
[1:24PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: I did…meaning she’s up n doing….n not her been d head. Of the family….
[1:24PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Abegi u ladies are just bent on being lazy and parasitic in nature and dt is d culture of this age propagated by social media
[1:24PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: B delicate, b fanciful, let them beg…no let them pay to av you
[1:26PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: No one says she is d head!….being d head does not translate to doing manual labour….do you see the President of Nigeria  coming to do environmental sanitation on ur street?
[1:26PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: She only help her family during snow….
[1:27PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Even in d use of d head as a symbol…out of d whole body, the head does least work
[1:27PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Exactly!
[1:27PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: U r to help each oda….
[1:28PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Yea rite……
[1:28PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Other than think, eat, watch movie, listen to music and smell flowers…the head does not hold cutlass or walk the streets or lift load….or wash or plant
[1:29PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: D head carry out the major part in d power….
[1:29PM, 7/9/2014] Akin: Don’t u know wat they call Administrative and Executive duties?
[1:29PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: Yea rite……stop making excuses ffor lazy men……
[1:30PM, 7/9/2014] Temi: May b o

This debate continues…. And has many twist and turns to it but I hope you get to participate and ultimately enjoy yourself.


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